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All-Pro Lock & Key Shop,LLC Cupertino, CA 408-310-4395Technology is changing the world as we know it. With this evolution comes a change in the methods business owners adopt to protect their premises. Keyless locking solutions seem to be the norm. In the digital age, almost everything seems to be wireless, keyless etc and it’s high time that we bid farewell to the age-old locking techniques and pave the way for the new. Indeed, installing keyless entry systems  might be pricier than your average conventional lock, but it’s an investment worth making and has tremendous benefits.

Why should you go keyless?

  • It’s a onetime investment - while they do require maintenance, you’ll find that you don’t have to call a locksmith to rekey or replace the locks.
  • The functionality it offers beats that of a conventional variant ten times over. Voice-recognition, finger-print scanning, and other advanced tech make it a steal.
  • No more forgotten keys. No more lost productivity due to employees, who forget their work keys.
  • No more worrying about a former employee breaking-in with a spare key
  • Eliminates the need to rekey the locks every time a key is misplaced
  • Overcomes the security pitfalls that come when old tech is used

Get expert solutions today!

For installing keyless entry systems  in your premises, get in touch with the experts from All-Pro Lock & Key Shop,LLC. We’ve teamed up with the leading lock manufacturers to bring business owners cutting-edge systems that guarantee to enhance security, improve operations, reduce costs and eliminate lockdowns. When you call us in, our experts will take out the time to inspect your premises and come up with appropriate suggestions. The system used on the storeroom cannot be the same as that used on the front door and we’ll recommend solutions accordingly.

Our most popular solutions include:

Keypad locks:

This option is perfect if you want to erase the key hassle. All you need is a passcode to gain entry. You can set different codes for different employees, change codes to prevent entry at anytime and also determine who accessed the premises.

Card access system:

While this necessitates the need to entrust a card to each employee, it facilitates easy tracking of employee movement, enables restricted access, allows easy addition or deletion of user information and prevent unwarranted access.

We also have a range of other solutions you can explore. For installing keyless entry systems  in your commercial premises, reach out to us on 408-310-4395  and let us help you with your requirements.